Friday, August 7, 2009

How To Receive A Free iphone GUARANTEED!

Alright lets be real, you're probably thinking this is impossible and its a scam. BUT ITS NOT A SCAM! i can guarantee and prove it to you! I will show you how to receive a free iphone and other gifts like an xbox or ps3 WITHOUT FILLING OUT SURVEYS OR CLICKING ON LINKS!!

About a year ago my mom was watching ABC news and i was eating lunch beside her, then the news anchors started talking about a website just like Google that paid the users to use its search engine. The way the website worked was that every once in a while as you searched for normal things you would get rewarded a point. These points could then be redeemed for gifts such as a iphone, itouch, ps3 or PayPal money! I doubted it at first but then i said it has to work cuz its on ABC news!! So i immediately signed up for an account an started earning points just for searching! The results were the same as Google because the website used Google and to give you your search results so that meant twice as much results! Before you know it i had enough points to receive a FREE poster, a FREE $10 gift card to Starbucks, a FREE $50 of PayPal money, a FREE Hp photo smart Printer and finally an I-Phone!!!

Now you're probably wondering then why the hell are you sharing this secret with the world? Well im going to be totally honest with you, even though i go all these free gifts it took me a year to get them! So even if you signed up it could take weeks, months or even year to get those top expensive prizes! So I made this post to help you get more points!

How? well the link at the bottom is a special link that lets the website know that you found out about them because of me. If you sign up under this link then that means that every time i earn points by searching SO DO YOU!! GUARANTEED!! You will also earn 3 bonus points just for signing up from my link which you can't get on your own! This means you can get to your iphone twice as fast!

Luckily i found the ABC news special about this website on you tube! Listen carefully because the news anchor fully explains how the system works and that it is NOT a scam! I ask that you do not click on the link in the description because the person who uploaded that video has a link that every time you get points they make points but NOT VICE VERSA!! This person is simply trying to trick you, he does not want you to get points every time he does, believe me I've tried! So heres the video:
I also have pictures of people with the prizes they won! If you win a prize then send a picture of you and your prize to their email and you will receive BONUS points! Here is the link to all the pictures:

Proof enough? So then finally here is the link to sing up, remember to not lie so much while putting in your info. YOU CAN NOT GET A VIRUS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DOWNLOADING ANYTHING!! Simple as that!! Click On This Link Or The Banner At The Bottom To Begin!
Search & Win